Sunday, October 29, 2006

NFL Week 8: October 29, Jets Chris Baker TD Catch Controversy

On October 29 (week 8), the Browns beat the Jets 20-13 after referee Mike Carey and his crew ruled that a catch by Jets receiver Chris Baker in the endzone with 59 seconds left was out of bounds and that he was not forced out when he was hit by defensive back Brodney Pool. Baker held onto Chad Pennington's pass and the replays suggest that he very likely would have made the catch inbounds except that Chris Baker's hit knocked him out of bounds before he could get his feet down.

According to the rules, in the NFL a receiver who would have gotten his feet inbounds except for a hit by a defensive player should be ruled as a legal catch. So, under that rule, Chris Baker should have been awarded a touchdown if the referees believed he would have landed inbounds except for Chris Baker's hit.

Under the rules, it seems the referees' ruling that he would not have landed inbounds if Chris Baker had not hit him is a judgement call so it could not be reviewed by a replay official.

By the way, for weeks 1-7, referee Mike Carey had covered games in which the home team won 83% of the time. The ruling spoiled the Jets' chance to tie the game and after a few kneeldowns, the Browns won 20-13 so the home team won. Perhaps it was a mere coincidence that the home team frequently wins when Mike Carey is the referee, but I leave this for you to discuss byposting comments.

So, what do you think about the controversy? Should Chris Baker's catch have been ruled a touchdown? Do you think that the referees made an honest mistake? If you think they made a mistake, why do you think the mistake happened and how can they do better next time? Do you think the high percentage of home wins in games with Mike Carey is a coincidence?


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