Wednesday, September 05, 2012

NFL replacement referees: week 1 of 2012

The 2012 NFL season is here!  I am interested in people's comments about the replacement referees, who are taking the place of the locked out NFL referees (the real referees).
It is disappointing that the NFL is gagging coaches and players from commenting on the replacement referees.
Now that the regular season is here (real games with real players).
Do you see glaring blunders?  Do you see certain tendencies of certain referees (or all of them generally)?  Will they be afraid to call every penalty they see?  Or go overboard and take over by calling more penalties than usual...
For the kickoff game between the NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys, the referee will be Jim Core.  Post comments on how his crew does.
Is it worth trying to track statistics for the replacement referees?

NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys, September 5, 2012 (Jim Core, referee):
  • NYG 3rd-4 at the DAL 4, 9:23 left in the second quarter.  Does the Cowboys' Orlando Scandrick get away with defensive holding on NYG's Victor Cruz?
  • NYG 2nd-8 at the NYG 25, 9:25 left in the third quarter.  Do the referees incorrectly call a penalty on Victor Cruz for an illegal block above the waist when there might have been minimal contact?
Are the replacement referees making mistakes?  And is it worse than what we would see with the real referees that the NFL has locked out?


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