Friday, January 05, 2007

NFL Referee Statistics and Data 2006 Season (Final)

The full 2006 NFL season statistics! This includes all regular season games.

Sorted by referee (alphabetical, last name), interesting figures include:
TtlPen = average total number of accepted penalties per game
Ttlyd = average total yards of accepted penalties per game
Hwin = percentage that home team wins the game
We base our statistics on penalties accepted, so we ignore penalties called that teams decline. We do this because our stats are based on the NFL web site's game summaries, which tabulate accepted penalties only

Please post a comment if you find this helpful, or if you have requests or suggestions. Enjoy the games!

We are working on some interesting statistics to find out the correlation among some of these factors -- and whether the trends held up throughout the season (as opposed to being a fleeting correlation)!

I wish I knew how to get rid of this annoying space between this line and the table. Ugh, my limited blogging skills are killing me...

RefTtlpenTtlydAvgPenV%penV%ydVdiff penVdiff ydsVpenVydHpenHydHwinVmore

Anderson, Walt11938.450%50%-0.105.546.55.546.533%47%

Austin, Gerry12.21139.261%58%2.617.47.465.14.847.753%80%

Boger, Jerome13.11037.949%50%-0.3-0.86.451.36.752.147%40%

Carey, Mike11.8978.259%54%2.27.1751.94.844.967%80%

Carollo, Bill10.9857.847%49%-0.7-0.95.1425.842.947%33%

Coleman, Walt9.374846%44%-0.7-94.332.7541.760%43%

Corrente, Tony13.11068.153%50%0.7-0.56.952.76.253.347%63%

Green, Scott10.7948.855%58%

Hochuli, Ed12.91148.848%50%-

Leavy, Bill9.9787.951%52%0.13.3540.64.937.360%50%

McAulay, Terry12.21048.549%52%-0.23.3653.76.250.456%47%

Morelli, Peter9.3717.653%56%

Nemmers, Larry13.31078.154%51%

Steratore, Gene13.61087.949%48%-0.3-4.56.751.76.956.260%43%

Triplette, Jeff131098.453%52%0.946.956.76.152.753%60%

Vinovich, Bill12.21038.550%51%-

Winter, Ron13.91138.253%51%


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Blogger 81Trucolors said...

Crazy that you have stats all the way back to 2006. Any chance you have average total points scored for each ref for 2006?

My prediction is that some refs tend to have higher/lower scoring games than others.

1:42 PM  

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