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NFL Referees by penalties called, adjusted by schedule

It's easy to figure out which referee had the most and least total accepted penalties per game, but what about adjusting it to the strength of schedule? It only takes crunching the expected accepted penalties per game for every team in the referee's games and recalculating.

As it turns out, the results are relatively the same but Peter Morelli edges out Walt Coleman for the referee who called the net least accepted penalties in 2006 (they were tied based on adjusted numbers). Congratulations, Peter!

Find the data for all 17 referees by checking the comments to this post. Adjusted means accepted penalties compared to the referee's scheduled teams and raw means unadjusted to the schedule.

Top adjusted penalty-callers:
Ron Winter (+1.8, raw 13.9)
Gene Steratore (+1.7, raw 13.6)
Larry Nemmers (+1.3, raw 13.3)

Least adjusted penalty-callers:
Peter Morelli (-2.6, raw 9.333)
Walt Coleman (-2.3, raw 9.333)
Bill Leavy (-2.0, raw 9.9)


Blogger Rex said...

The data for all 17 referee crews in the 2006 NFL season:

Ref, adjusted, raw
Winter, Ron 1.8 13.9
Steratore, Gene 1.7 13.6
Nemmers, Larry 1.3 13.3
Corrente, Tony 1.3 13.1
Triplette, Jeff 1.1 13.0
Boger, Jerome 1.0 13.1
Hochuli, Ed 0.7 12.9
Vinovich, Bill 0.6 12.2
Austin, Gerry 0.4 12.2
McAulay, Terry 0.3 12.2
Carey, Mike -0.2 11.8
Anderson, Walt -0.6 11.0
Carollo, Bill -0.9 10.9
Green, Scott -1.2 10.7
Leavy, Bill -2.0 9.9
Coleman, Walt -2.3 9.3
Morelli, Peter -2.6 9.3

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rex,

Where did you get all your data on penalty calling in the you have a listing of all the penalties called by each crew for each gamge? WHere do you get the info from? I am looking at doing a study of this and any help would be great...



2:29 PM  
Anonymous Rex said...

Nick, thanks for your comment -- my set of data comes from hard work logging in information using the NFL gamebook statistical summaries of each regular season game. For 2006 and 2007, my efforts have focused on the total number of penalties without breaking them down by type of penalty. I have seen other bloggers and analysts break it down further by type of penalty, too. Why I haven't kept as detailed statistics is simply a matter of how much time I am willing to spend on this project. Let me know if you have areas you'd like me to try to analyze!

9:58 PM  

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