Saturday, January 10, 2009

Terry McAulay and the Ravens-Titans Playoff Game

Terry McAulay is the referee for the Baltimore Ravens-Tennessee Titans playoff game. Let's take a quick look at our statistics for him in the 2008 NFL regular season.

He has one of the highest home-team win rates out of the 17 referees. In 2008, it was 67%, tied for second. In 2007, it was 75%, which was at or near the highest in 2007. This is good news for the Titans if you believe this is a trend.

If you look at the schedule, though, 9 of the 15 games had home teams with a better record than the visiting teams, so maybe it was just a reflection of the schedule.

In the regular season, the Titans had 2 more wins than the Ravens. When the home team had more wins, they went 7-2 in Terry's games.

If we look at the net margin of victory, the teams are equal. In the regular season, when the visiting team had only a slightly better margin of victory, the visiting team won (Giants at Eagles, week 10). Once they were pretty much equal and the home team won (Packers at Bucs, week 4).

Some general statistics: total penalties 11.2 (7th of 17 referees), total yards 89 (tied for 8th), average penalty yards per penalty 7.9 (7th), percent penalties against visiting team 49% (10th), total points 41.9 (12th), visiting team points 18.9 (14th), home team points 23 (tied for 10th).


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