Monday, December 15, 2008

Walt Coleman In The Middle of A Replay Controversy

Big controversy over Walt Coleman's decision on December 14, 2008 to overturn the ruling on the field by head linesman Paul Weidner -- Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers caught a pass that the officials initially called as down on the one-foot line and not a touchdown. After the review, Walt Coleman overturned the ruling on the field and called it a touchdown, infuriating Baltimore Ravens fans.

Many people are wondering whether there was conclusive evidence that would be enough to overturn the decision on the field. Chris Mottram of the Sporting News thinks it probably was a TD but not enough to overturn the decision on the field. NBC analyst Cris Collingsworth thought it wasn't a TD. Peter King of CNN thought it was most likely a TD but not enough to be indisputable evidence. Gene Wang of the Washington Post thought Walt Coleman got it the evidence was in no way conclusive.

Patrick McManamon of the Ohio Beacon Juornal wrote that there's no way it should have been overturned by replay and even suggests the NFL would be better off without replay.


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