Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jaguars-Patriots NFL Playoffs: Referee Jerome Boger

THe Jacksonville Jaguars visit the New England Patriots tonight in the NFL playoffs and it looks like Jerome Boger is the referee. Let's take a quick look at Jerome's statistics during the season.

Remember, playoff referee crews are all mixed up from various groups that did not work together during the year. Jerome's statistics were racked up with a specific set of referees he worked with all season. So the regular season statistics might not be so important in the playoffs. Enough of these explanations already --

Jerome Boger had the fourth-most accepted penalties per game out of the 17 crews this year at 12.5 (average was around 11.5). Middle of the pack on total penalty yards. Somewhat near the bottom in average yards per penalty at 7.6 (13th out of 17).

Third-most percent penalties called against the visiting teams at 56%. Also third-most in percent of the penalty yards being called against the visiting teams at 56% too. Not a surprise second-most in the raw difference in penalties (1.4) called on the visiting teams and 4th-most in raw different in penalty yards (10.8) called on the visiting team.

His games were pretty low-scoring, ranking second-lowest at 37.7 total points per game with the lowest visiting team scoring per game at 15.7 points per game.

Home teams did well in Jerome's games this year -- winning 73% of the games, tying him for second-best for home teams with two other referees. That certainly would be a great sign for the Patriots if only you ignored reality that the quality of the teams probably has a great deal more to do with the odds a team will win than whether a referee might have a tendency to have the home team win more often!

Post your comments on the refereeing in the game and any questions on Jerome's referee statistics as a comment to this posting.


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