Saturday, December 29, 2007

Patriots-Giants Week 17: Mike Carey Is The Referee

For the December 29, 2007 week 17 game between the Patriots and Giants, the referee crew is headed by Mike Carey. Let's take a look at his crew's statistics for the 2007 NFL season:

His games have slightly more points scored than you would expect for the teams involved (43.0 rather than 43.3) and the visiting teams have scored more points than the home teams, but in general the visiting teams in his games were stronger this season.

Visiting teams: scored 22.5 points where 22.5 points expected (4th highest among refs)
Home teams: scored 20.9 points where 20.5 points expected (3d lowest among refs)

Let's look at other categories:
Penalties per game (11.9 or middle of the pack), penalty yards per game (89, slightly less than average), average penalty yards per penalty (7.5, near the lowest of the refs so don't expect a large number of big-yardage pass interference calls).

For the home team's win rate, it is only at 43%, which ties Mike Carey for third-worst for home teams among the 17 referees. I guess this is a good sign for the Patriots if you believe some referees are better for home teams than others.

Looking at the season, he refereed the Patriots 48-27 win as visitors over the Cowboys in week 6. He has not done a Giants game this year. So, advantage Patriots.

In the 2006 season, by the way, he handled the Giants 42-30 loss while visiting the Seahawks in week 3. And the Patriots 35-0 victory while visiting the Packers in week 11. So maybe the Patriots have a slight advantage there, too?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Carey is annoying to watch, he enjoy's his face time on t.v. a little bit to much if you ask me.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't happen to know how many Offensive Holding Penalties the New England Patriots received all year? Or where I could find such information.

My dad and I are trying to settle a bet. Thanks.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous refchat said...

I haven't been tracking that detailed type of information. Unless someone who is tracking it offers something to you, I would just pull up the 16 games they played and browse the play-by-play for penalties. Shouldn't be too hard to count up the offensive holding penalties...

The play-by-play log should be available on the NFL web site at

4:52 PM  

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